Rug Avenue is built on the basic principle: to cultivate long-lasting business relationships by providing personal attention to beautify the homes of consumers in every budget category with latest rug motifs of the highest quality, value and impeccable flair. (dba Designer Rug Warehouse) has grown to become one of the largest rug stores in Atlanta and has found ways to differentiate itself and make the customer feel well informed. Unlike most rug stores, we continue to grow our business by word-of-mouth. Sure, our great pricing gets attention, but the attention we give our customers is the difference. Our work ethic is the key to our success. We don't hide our prices, all advertising materials are clear, straightforward, and truthful, in-store advertising signage will disclose the actual everyday prices for the rugs and services offered.

We have gained a reputation as most trusted rug store in Atlanta and quickly became a preferred source for the Atlanta's most renowned interior designers as well as most Famous Movie Makers, Architects, Home Builders and Local Celebrities.

Our rug store is approximately 40,000 square feet, with over 7,000 square footage used as area rug displaying space. Offering over 10,000 rugs in more than 2,000 area rugs are displayed on the state-of-the-Art rug racks, compared to a significantly smaller rug selection at typical rug stores. Our store feature self-service rug fixtures that allow customers to view, touch, and learn about the rug without relying on salespeople to check price and availability. Our rugs have clear signage, and well-trained sales associates are available to assist customers as desired. New area rugs are organized by style and size on the main floor. The store layout allows customers who do not have time for relaxed browsing to swiftly identify the rug styles and sizes they are seeking and shop in a targeted, time-efficient manner.